5 Must-see spring window treatment trends you will fall in love with.

It’s Spring time and you know what that means – Spring cleaning.


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It’s Springtime and you know what that means – Spring cleaning. While most of us take a day or two to clean out our homes in time for nice weather, maybe some upgrades are needed as well. Whether you’ve just moved in and need some ideas or want to do something new and fresh, your windows deserve some awesome decorations. Not only will it bring in some warm and inviting light, but it will dress up a room without much work involved.


Below are 5 must-see Spring window treatment trends you will fall in love with this season.


Natural light with Sheer Curtains.

Sheer curtains may not sound like they can do much for a room, but with the right colour combinations and decor, they can really light up a room – literally! If you live in a home with few windows, you’ll want to let as much natural light through them as possible. Adding Sheer Curtains will do just that.


The best part? The newest trend with Sheer Curtains is adding colour – say goodbye to boring cream or white. By using fun colours you’ll not only add light to the room but add warmth to it as well.

Bold Colours.

Finding Curtains that match your furniture and style the room always turns into a bigger battle than anticipated. Skip the patterns and neutral colours and go bold – find a colour that will match and go for it.


Yellow brings in a warm, sunny feeling which mimics the sun. Jewel tones, which range from deep reds to subtle blues, create a modern and sophisticated space. These colours go well with platinum or brushed nickel accents.


If you already have neutral furniture, spicing up the room with curtain patterns is the best way to go. Large-scale patterns are making a comeback with fun geometric-patterned curtains as a focal point in many rooms.


While these won’t necessarily be in loud colours, a pattern can make a statement without overpowering wall colours, art and furniture within the same space.


When talking about window treatments for a bedroom, one of our main concerns is blocking out the sun so we can sleep in on those blissful days off. The problem is, shade darkeners are often plain and boring.


A way around this problem? Layering. Both functional and easy, laying blackout shades with Sheer Curtains creates a fun and custom design for any bedroom. Not only can you have fun with colours and patterns by doing this, but you also have the option of playing with textures.


In a room with a lot of windows and small hallways or even a small apartment, you can’t go wrong with Pelmets or Valances. These create shape and movement within a space without all the fabric from a long Curtain.


While these can be layered with Sheer Curtains, they can make a statement all on their own from their unique shapes and styles.


Window treatment trends.

We know some trends will go out of style, but we also know some are here to stay. Layering, Sheer Curtains, and even certain patterns will make statements in any room. They also add style and a sense of sophistication with minimal work and without breaking the bank.

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