5 ways to bring your living room back to life with Curtains and Drapes.

Here are 3 ways that drapes and curtains can improve your living room.


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From drab to fab.

If you’ve been living in a home for a few years and aren’t as excited about it as you once were it might be time to spruce things up. If you’re not invested in repainting the walls or making any drastic changes, a new set of Curtains or Drapes could do the trick. If you’ve got a monotone furniture and living room set up, some polka dots or coloured patterns will breathe new life into your living space.


If you’re not ready to make a huge leap, even a change in colour could make a difference. If you’ve been matching your dark tones together for a while, it’s time to go with a pastel or a brighter complementary colour. Solid coloured drapes and Curtains could change the feeling in your room without having to spill a drop of paint.


Warm things up.

Even if you’re into modern design, your home can still be comfortable and warm. One of the issues with homes that rely on the mid-century modern style or contemporary design is that they lose that indescribable element of “home”. The right set of Curtains can recapture that element and fill your home with it.


Even if you’ve got a comfortable furniture set and a cosy living space, your curtains could be contrasting with the feeling of your room. They shouldn’t just match your living space but complement and enhance it. To ensure that you’re getting the most from your Curtains, choose a fabric or pattern that can bring out the best elements of your current set up.

Layers for all weather.

Curtains and drapes aren’t just for show. They serve practical purposes. Whether you live in a hot or cold climate, dense drapes can help to keep cool air in during warm weather or keep cold air out in the winter.


Meanwhile, your Sheer Curtains can help to filter out the direct sunlight that comes in throughout the day. Alternately, they help to lend you some privacy in your home if you’re at the centre of a busy area. Using these layers intelligently will allow you to not only lower your energy costs but also give you privacy when you need it.


When you’re prepared for all weather, you’ll want to spend more time in your living room than ever before.


Curtains and Drapes need to fit your style.

When you’re on the hunt for new Curtains and drapes, you need to find a set that matches your overall aesthetic. While you might be tempted to shake up your style in a big way, if they deeply clash with your furniture, you might be no more pleased than before.


If you’re still considering going with Blinds, check out our guide to what you should be looking for in a set of Blinds.

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