How can window coverings reduce noise and cool you down?

Sleeping beauty. Window coverings can play a big part in cooling you down, darkening the room and reducing noise so you can sleep well.

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If you’ve found yourself restless during the hot Australian summer nights you’re not alone. Many people report difficulty sleeping during summer.


Summer should be a fun-filled time for Australian families with plenty of swimming, beach trips and barbeques in your backyard. There’s lots to look forward to however a poor night sleep can make the best of us a little grumpy.


Thankfully there are many options to help provide a better night’s sleep. Window coverings can play a big part in cooling you down, darkening the room and reducing noise so you can sleep well.


Your window coverings don’t need to cost the earth either. With the right advice specific to your home and needs, you’ll be able to select the best options to suit your budget.

Room darkening.

Darkness is essential for a quality night’s sleep. Exposure to light has been scientifically proven to stimulate your body and mind into becoming awake. When it’s dark your body receives signals that it’s time to sleep. Light makes us feel more alert and increases our energy levels which is why the long day-light hours during summer can negatively impact our sleep.


Blockout Blinds.

Blockout Blinds are an effective option to ensure your bedroom stays as dark as possible during your time to sleep. A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and wellbeing so it’s a worthwhile investment, particularly for the summer months and for shift workers who may need to sleep during the day.


Dark rooms will also help with sleep training for babies and toddlers. Those of us who are parents know what sleep-deprivation feels like and would pay any price for a good night’s sleep. Thankfully our Blockout Blinds and Awnings don’t cost the earth and are great value.




Automated Blinds + Awnings.

Motorised Blinds and Awnings can be a worthwhile addition for those of us looking for a great night’s sleep. Home designs that have high or difficult to reach windows make it very difficult to block out the light when it’s time to sleep. With a motorised system you can close the Blinds at the touch of a button.


The ease of closing and opening the Blinds or Window Awnings can also be very helpful on a hot night. You can open the Blinds when it’s dark to allow for better airflow and close them when the morning light is due. Smart Home Automation Systems can sense the sun and automatically trigger your desired settings.


Noise + Temperature Control.

Some window coverings are designed to help reduce ambient noise in your home. There are also Blockout Curtains designed to reduce noise while also utilising a thermal weave fabric to help control the temperature. In some instances, good quality Curtains can eliminate external noise from entering your home while also dampening internal noise such as the footsteps and the creaking of a hardwood timber floor.


There are many window covering options to help control light, noise and temperature. The key is to select the option that is most suitable for your specific needs. There’s no one size fits all since every home is different. The design is different, the location is different, the aspect it faces is different and the surroundings are different.


Professional measuring and installation are the norm for window coverings. At dollar curtains + blinds, we take it a step further by bringing our 50+ years of knowledge and experience to our customers. We help home owners and interior designers with the window furnishing selection process and would be very pleased to assist you. Contact us today, visit a store or book a free design, measure and quote. Our Interior Consultants can help you to make the perfect choice.

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