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“With this range, we don't charge you for the making costs of your full length Curtains and if you need your new Curtains in a hurry, we provide a priority service for this collection.”

— dc+b Interior Consultant.

Put simply Curtains+ is a dollar curtains + blinds original, offering custom made Curtains with a complimentary making service that provides an affordable interior design solution. Store bought, ready-to-hang Curtains can limit your Curtain fabric and style options not to mention the poor fit they often show.


Our unique Curtains+ complimentary making range allows you to purchase Curtains that match your style and window dimensions perfectly. Full length Curtain samples in this collection are available to borrow so you can plan and design your complete interior look at a fraction of the cost when compared to other options.



With this range, we don’t charge you for the making costs of your full length Curtains and if you need your new Curtains in a hurry, we provide a priority service for this collection.



With our Curtains+ range you can borrow full length Curtain samples from our stores, take them home and hang them up to try. This will assist you with seeing what level of privacy and light control you require. It will also help you to decide what style of Curtain heading you prefer.


Colours can vary in different lights so with our Curtain+ samples you can be assured of the right choice by borrowing the sample to see how it looks in your home during the day and in the evening. We understand that purchasing window coverings is an investment and we value you making the right decision for the long term.


Unlike ready-to-hang Curtains, we allow you to choose from a wide range of traditional plain, drapery fabrics with a textured weave or from stylish prints or woven patterns. Pair your new window coverings with a great selection of high-quality, transparent fabrics. Sheer Curtains can be layered behind Blockout Curtains to diffuse light and open your home to the great outdoors without sacrificing privacy.


Curtains+ complimentary making allows you to forget poor quality ready-to-hang Curtains that never quite fit and find quality Curtains in designer fabrics that are affordable on even the tightest budget.


dollar curtains + blinds has specialised in crafting custom made Curtains in Melbourne for over 50 years. Contact us today, visit a store or book a free design, measure and quote. Our Interior Consultants can help you to make the perfect choice.

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