Bespoke designer Curtains to truly transform your home.

Made to last. Bespoke designer Curtains can truly transform your home.

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When it comes to decorating a home, every home owner would like to add their personal touch with furniture, soft furnishings and window coverings.


Whether you’re looking for classic elegance, eclectic chic or a modern contemporary feel, Curtains provide colour and impact to every room. In addition to the exciting and endless visual opportunities they offer, there are many practical reasons that make them a wise and long-term investment.


Superior quality at affordable prices.

With bespoke Curtains, you avoid ready-to-hang Curtains that lack quality and durability and quickly become affected by sun damage or wear and tear.


Selecting from our exclusive Curtains+ Complimentary Making Curtain fabric range provides superior, Australian-made to order Curtains with no making charge. You can enjoy all of the practical benefits for an affordable price. We also make it easy for you when selecting your fabric in the right colour by offering our full-length Curtain samples which you can take home and hang. This allows you to truly test what the fabric will look like in your home, during the day and evening light, and offers you piece of mind that you have made the right choice for your home.

Improved energy efficiency.

Bespoke Curtains do more than add to a room’s visual appeal. They’re a great investment from an energy-efficiency perspective as well.


They save you money by reducing your energy bill. Curtains have insulating properties that help limit the outdoor temperatures from entering your home. As one of the best window treatments at improving your home’s insulation, Curtains and Drapes can preserve up to 20% of the total heat in your home.


Flexible light control.

Many home owners struggle to find the right balance between controlling the amount of light entering the room and what’s the best window covering to suit the style of the room. Curtains provide excellent light control, privacy and reduce outside noise levels, allowing you to effortlessly and effectively control your environment depending on the occasion and your mood. Bespoke Curtains give you the personalised touch you’re seeking as well as all the benefits!


dollar curtains + blinds has specialised in crafting custom made Curtains in Melbourne for over 50 years. Contact us today, visit a store or book a free design, measure and quote. Our Interior Consultants can help you to make the perfect choice.



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