How to choose the right types of Blinds for your windows.

Open and shut case. Choosing the right types of Blinds for your windows.

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Are you working on the interior design of your home but still deciding on the final touches? Perhaps you’re looking for a few decorative cushions or trying to figure out how to organise the kitchen cabinets. Either way, keep in mind no room is complete without the right window treatment.


Window treatments are the Blinds and Curtains of a window, as well as the trimming around the window. They integrate and create impact in a space so deserve careful consideration as you plan your makeover.


To ensure the look and benefits you are seeking use the guide below to help you choose the types of Blinds preferable for your home.




Understand the Different Types of Blinds.

When most homeowners hear the word ‘Blinds’, they typically think of a Venetian Blind which has horizontal blades that you can move up and down to cover a window.


Let us expand your thinking by offering some options.

Some popular types of Blinds are:


Roller Blinds move up and down to cover or unveil a window. These are made of one singular piece of fabric that rolls up and then unwinds to ensure privacy.


Roman Blinds work in a similar way except they create pleated folds as you roll them up.


Venetian Blinds on the other hand, are the classic Blinds familiar to most people.


Vertical Blinds hang in large vertical blades from the top of the window to the bottom of the window or all the way to the floor.


Panel Blinds are similar to Vertical Blinds but the blades are much wider and cannot rotate.



Set a budget.

To help you narrow the options, pay attention to the cost of each type of Blind as you research their many forms. This will help you set a budget for your window treatment, but don’t forget to keep in mind your other redesigning expenses!


Once you have a budget you’re better able to move forward with your decision. For the most accurate estimate it should include installation and delivery costs.


Take a look around your home.


With your budget in mind look at the design you’re creating and think about what is most desirable. Are you planning for a sleek, modern feel or something a bit cosier and inviting? How much natural light does this part of the home get throughout the day? How much light do you wish to let in? Is privacy an issue?


Use these details to get one step closer to your final choice. If you are still uncertain of your choice of window blind ideas  go back to your budget for a bit of direction.


Choose your new window treatments.

Finally choose your Blinds and place your order! After all your research, crunching numbers and uncertainty, this is the most exciting part of the whole process.


All that’s left now is to receive your order, have them installed by a professional and save yourself time and hassle and enjoy the ambience you’ve created. You may even throw a party to celebrate all the pieces coming together.

Transform your home with beautiful Blinds.

Ready to really wow your guests when you have company? The best way to create an impact is to pay attention to every single detail.


Careful consideration of the types of Blinds, the colour of the walls, and the placement of  the furniture is important – every decision counts.


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