Roller Blinds vs Roman Blinds: The Essential Guide

Reethu Nookala - Tuesday, November 26, 2019

If you are searching for that quintessential blind for your home, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options in the world of window treatments. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has created this helpful guide to discuss the difference between roller style blinds and Roman style blinds. Keep reading to learn which type of blind is the perfect fit for your home. 

Roller Blinds

A slim, architectural design gives roller blinds a sleek, contemporary finish. Roller blinds are made from durable, lightweight fabrics that are easily rolled up or rolled down by chain operated, spring loaded, or motorised components. An aluminium bottom rail aids smooth, controlled movements of roller blinds during operation. Roller hardware is concealed by colour coded brackets and bracket covers.


Roller blinds are extremely easy to operate and completely customisable. Roller hardware can be installed on either the outside recess or inside recess of your window frame. Choose from several child and pet safe methods of operation:

  • Chain Operated with Pre-looped Stainless Steel or Plastic Chain
  • Spring Operated + Snap Lock Spring System
  • Motorised (battery or hard wired) + Home Automation Compatible


An essential factor of the unique style of your blinds, fabrics provide colour, texture, and thermal insulation for your home. Select from high quality and durable fabrics that are available free of lead and PVC, flame retardant, and UV resistant. Roller blind fabric options include:

  • Blockout
  • Sunscreen
  • Sheer
  • Translucent
  • Bonded

Finishing Touches

Choose a fancy finish for the bottom trim of your roller blinds, such as a Georgian, U-scallop, or wave scallop fringe or braid. For a plain finish, select a fabric wrapped, powder coated, or stitched pocket base rail.

Accessorise with the addition of a pull ring or tassel. You can really elaborate the statement made with your roller blinds by adding pelmets. A pelmet is a stylish, multi-purpose feature ideal for creating either a soft or bold frame around your windows while simultaneously increasing light control and improving insulation.

Roman Blinds

Designed for simplicity with style, Soft Roman blinds can create a feeling of warmth in your home or Hard Roman blinds can make a crisp, bold statement. Roman blinds are made from durable fabrics that take shape when raised by the use of lightweight, strategically placed fibreglass battens to create evenly laden folds.


The versatile arc fit installation of Roman blinds can be affixed above window frames or door frames. A recess fit is also an available installation option. Choose from several easy to use methods of operation:

  • Cord Operated with Cleat + Acorn
  • Chain Operated with Pre-looped Stainless Steel or Plastic Chain
  • Motorised (battery or hard wired) + Home Automation Compatible


High quality, Australian fabric is the key to the finished look and smooth function of Roman blinds. An additional layer of lining accentuates the neat folds of the Soft Roman blinds while providing increased light control, thermal insulation, and sound insulation. Roman blind fabric options are available free of lead and PVC, flame retardant, and UV resistant including:

  • Blackout
  • Sunscreen
  • Sheer
  • Translucent

Finishing Touches

Soft Roman blinds can be uniquely finished by choosing from bottom trim options of plain, contrasting banding, scarf, fringe, or Georgian scallop braid or fringe. Accessorise with the addition of a pelmet for further light control and insulation.

Hard Roman blinds are finished with plain bottom trim yet, can be folded at various stack heights to customise the finished look by altering the shape of the raised folds. The stack height of Hard Roman blinds can vary from the narrowest, Barbados at 240-270mm to the widest, Le Meridian at 340-370mm. The Bali design, at 240-270mm stack height, creates a casual finish with puckered folds created by the addition of stitched pockets into the back of the blind.

Roller or Roman Blinds for Your Home

At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we help you to customise blinds made from quality, Australian materials for the perfect fit in your home. Choose your style and fabric. Add accessories for that final, finishing touch. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has everything you need for window and door treatments. Contact us today for a free in-home measure and quote. Our experts can help you make the perfect selection.



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