The Best Outdoor Blinds and Awnings to Beat the Summer Heat

Shane McGeorge - Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Creating an energy-efficient home calls for measures beyond typical air-conditioning and fans. Keeping the heat out of your home is better than cooling your house, both financially and environmentally. One of the best ways to beat the summer heat is to include outdoor blinds and awnings. At  Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we strive to provide you with quality outdoor blinds and awnings that you can use to block the heat this summer, keep your home cool and make your exterior appealing.

Window Awnings

You can block out the harsh Australian sun this summer by installing window awnings. Awnings protect you from glare and also prevent your interior furnishings such as your furniture and flooring from getting UV damage from the sun’s rays. With Dollar Curtains + Blinds quality fabric, you can prevent up to 95% of solar energy from entering your home.

To ensure that you keep the exterior of your house appealing, you can purchase custom-made awnings and match the colours to the exterior design of your home. In our range of window awnings, we have three styles you can choose from - Straight Drop, Fixed Guide, and Automatic.

When shopping for awnings, remember to select fabrics that can survive the harsh Australian climate. For this reason, we offer a fabric guarantee for water, mildew, and bacteria resistance. You can also purchase fire-resistant fabrics.

What if you don't want to fold every awning manually? We've got you covered. You can choose from our operating options - spring roller, manual crank, or motorised. By combining our motorisation system with your home automation system, you can control all our window awnings with a button.

Alfresco Awnings + Outdoor Window Blinds

Installing outdoor blinds is an excellent way to keep the sunshine out of your outdoor entertaining areas and to help keep the interior of your home a cool temperature in Summer. You can acquire any of our stylish outdoor window blinds to block out the heat and also maintain the elegance of your home's exterior. Our range of outdoor blinds includes:

  •    Outdoor patio blinds
  •    Alfresco blinds
  •    Café blinds
  •    Bistro blinds
  •    Verandah blinds
  •    Zip track blinds
  •    Zipscreen blinds

To ensure that you find the fabric that matches your outdoor shading requirement, we stock canvas, mesh, acrylic, and PVC blinds. All the materials are designed to survive the outdoors and resist moisture, mildew and stains from external elements.

With Dollar Curtains + Blinds, you can personalise your blinds and awnings to fit your windows and doors. We also have several styles for you to choose from:

  • The straight drop blinds are ideal for traditional window frames. With these blinds, you can protect yourself from harmful UV rays and achieve a modern simple look.
  • The cable guide blinds are excellent if you prefer an industrial look, accompanied by privacy and ventilation. The cables are made from high tensile stainless steel, making them suitable for coastal homes.
  • Deep channel blinds block off the light and allow multiple lock-off points.
  • If you live in windy areas, we have the side retention system which completely encloses off the protected area, leaving no space for dust and dirt to penetrate.

To avoid adjusting your blinds manually, you can also motorise your blinds. Motorisation helps you adjust your blinds throughout the day to the exact positions you desire without moving around. You can move all your blinds according to the direction and the intensity of the sun..

Finding the Best Awnings and Outdoor Blinds

You can find the perfect awnings and blinds to protect your windows at Dollar Curtains + Blinds. We also provide Free In-Home Measure and Quote to ensure that all your awnings and blinds fit perfectly. For more information, contact our interior consultants at your local DC+B store today.



Aluminium vs Timber Venetian Blinds: Make your Right Choice

Shane McGeorge - Thursday, December 12, 2019


Venetian blinds refer to blinds that use slates stacked horizontally on top of each other and can rotate 180 degrees. The slats are attached to chords that hold them up and strings that control their direction of movement. If you are looking for modern sophistication with a touch of the classics, Venetian blinds should be on your list.

What are Aluminium and Timber Venetian Blinds?

Our blinds allow you to rotate the slats up and down to control the light entering a room. In terms of fitting, you can have the blinds recessed or face-fitted by installing them in the window frame or on the architrave. If you often leave your windows open, our Venetian blinds have a pin and bracket system at the bottom, which you can use to lock the blinds down. At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we stock both aluminium and timber Venetian blinds to give you a variety of window treatments to choose from.

What Are the Differences between Aluminium and Timber Venetian Blinds?

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

As the name suggests, these blinds are made from aluminium. They are elegant and provide a minimalist approach to window styling. The slats shut completely to lockout light and can rotate up and down to control light entry. Aluminium is a highly durable material requiring minimal maintenance. With these blinds, all you need is a little water and dusting to keep the blinds clean. At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we stock Privasee Aluminium Venetian Blinds, which complement any room.

Features and Benefits of Aluminium Venetian Blinds

  • Highly durable because they are made from aluminium.
  • Low maintenance blinds.
  • Easy to clean. A wet cloth is enough to clean aluminium blinds.
  • Aluminium blinds lower your energy bill by controlling the amount to sunlight entering your house, which in turn reduces your heating or cooling costs.
  • Waterproof and can be used in high humidity areas such as baths and laundries.

When to Use Aluminium Venetian Blinds

With our brand of aluminium Venetian blinds, you can have brightly coloured and metallic-finished blinds to match a painted room's style. Aluminium blinds are ideal for any office setting thanks to their minimalistic finish. They are also suitable for baths and laundries or any areas exposed to high humidity.

Timber Venetian Blinds

At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we stock two brands of Timber Venetian Blinds. Our Hampton Timber Venetian Blinds range is made from real timber. We also have our Whitefield Timber Venetian range, which is made from polystyrene. Both blinds offer a beautiful wooden finish.

Features and Benefits of Timber Venetian Blinds

  • Wood is a natural insulator, and by using timber blinds, you naturally insulate your home. In the summer, the wood keeps the warm air out, and in the winter, it keeps the warm air in.
  • You will control your energy bill by regulating the amount of heat and light entering the house.
  • Timber blinds provide noise insulation. If you live on a noisy street, closing these blinds will assist in shutting out the noise.
  • The wood is stained to expose the natural grain and match the wooden finishes in your home.

When to Use Timber Venetian Blinds

If you have a craftsman home with a display of wooden features on the ceilings, floors, windows, doors, walls, and kitchen boards, timber Venetian blinds will complement the design. These shutter blinds also blend well with wood furnishings such as furniture and flooring. Coupled with light sheers, they provide a great backdrop on the windows.

Venetian Blinds at Dollar Curtains + Blinds

Best of all, your aluminium and timber venetian blinds will be custom-made to your exact measurements by Dollar Curtains + Blinds through our Free In-Home Measure and Quote. You can also reach any of our stores through a phone call, and our Interior Consultants will be more than happy to assist you.


Roller Blinds vs Roman Blinds: The Essential Guide

- Tuesday, November 26, 2019


If you are searching for that quintessential blind for your home, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of options in the world of window treatments. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has created this helpful guide to discuss the difference between roller style blinds and Roman style blinds. Keep reading to learn which type of blind is the perfect fit for your home. 

Roller Blinds

A slim, architectural design gives roller blinds a sleek, contemporary finish. Roller blinds are made from durable, lightweight fabrics that are easily rolled up or rolled down by chain operated, spring loaded, or motorised components. An aluminium bottom rail aids smooth, controlled movements of roller blinds during operation. Roller hardware is concealed by colour coded brackets and bracket covers.


Roller blinds are extremely easy to operate and completely customisable. Roller hardware can be installed on either the outside recess or inside recess of your window frame. Choose from several child and pet safe methods of operation:

  • Chain Operated with Pre-looped Stainless Steel or Plastic Chain
  • Spring Operated + Snap Lock Spring System
  • Motorised (battery or hard wired) + Home Automation Compatible


An essential factor of the unique style of your blinds, fabrics provide colour, texture, and thermal insulation for your home. Select from high quality and durable fabrics that are available free of lead and PVC, flame retardant, and UV resistant. Roller blind fabric options include:

  • Blockout
  • Sunscreen
  • Sheer
  • Translucent
  • Bonded

Finishing Touches

Choose a fancy finish for the bottom trim of your roller blinds, such as a Georgian, U-scallop, or wave scallop fringe or braid. For a plain finish, select a fabric wrapped, powder coated, or stitched pocket base rail.

Accessorise with the addition of a pull ring or tassel. You can really elaborate the statement made with your roller blinds by adding pelmets. A pelmet is a stylish, multi-purpose feature ideal for creating either a soft or bold frame around your windows while simultaneously increasing light control and improving insulation.

Roman Blinds

Designed for simplicity with style, Soft Roman blinds can create a feeling of warmth in your home or Hard Roman blinds can make a crisp, bold statement. Roman blinds are made from durable fabrics that take shape when raised by the use of lightweight, strategically placed fibreglass battens to create evenly laden folds.


The versatile arc fit installation of Roman blinds can be affixed above window frames or door frames. A recess fit is also an available installation option. Choose from several easy to use methods of operation:

  • Cord Operated with Cleat + Acorn
  • Chain Operated with Pre-looped Stainless Steel or Plastic Chain
  • Motorised (battery or hard wired) + Home Automation Compatible


High quality, Australian fabric is the key to the finished look and smooth function of Roman blinds. An additional layer of lining accentuates the neat folds of the Soft Roman blinds while providing increased light control, thermal insulation, and sound insulation. Roman blind fabric options are available free of lead and PVC, flame retardant, and UV resistant including:

  • Blackout
  • Sunscreen
  • Sheer
  • Translucent

Finishing Touches

Soft Roman blinds can be uniquely finished by choosing from bottom trim options of plain, contrasting banding, scarf, fringe, or Georgian scallop braid or fringe. Accessorise with the addition of a pelmet for further light control and insulation.

Hard Roman blinds are finished with plain bottom trim yet, can be folded at various stack heights to customise the finished look by altering the shape of the raised folds. The stack height of Hard Roman blinds can vary from the narrowest, Barbados at 240-270mm to the widest, Le Meridian at 340-370mm. The Bali design, at 240-270mm stack height, creates a casual finish with puckered folds created by the addition of stitched pockets into the back of the blind.

Roller or Roman Blinds for Your Home

At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we help you to customise blinds made from quality, Australian materials for the perfect fit in your home. Choose your style and fabric. Add accessories for that final, finishing touch. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has everything you need for window and door treatments. Contact us today for a free in-home measure and quote. Our experts can help you make the perfect selection.



Choosing the Best Blinds for Your Sliding Glass Doors or French Doors

- Monday, September 16, 2019


The entryways to our homes each have unique appeal. Sliding glass doors and French doors add aesthetic value and functionality to our exterior and interior living spaces. When you choose the best blinds for your sliding glass doors or French doors, you do not want to cover the intrinsic beauty of the door. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has the best option for every style and function for your door treatments.

Blinds for French Doors

Elegant French doors are a focal point in your home, for an accentuated exterior view and a remarkable interior aesthetic appeal. The timeless design of hinged and framed, glass panel double doors combines function with style. French doors each swing open, typically projecting outwards, to provide unobstructed access to your exterior living space. When closed, French doors are secured with cover splines where the double doors adjoin, weather stripping, and multi-point locks. Choosing the best blinds for your French doors is no easy task! You want to highlight French doors, not simply cover them.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are sleek, adorning your classic French door with a modern twist. Customised roller blinds are available with a variety of fabric features. Choose block out fabric for room darkening when roller blinds are down. Sunscreen protection fabric will provide 80% to 97% UV protection to your home's interior when blinds are drawn. If you prefer light diffusion through closed blinds, choose a translucent or sheer fabric. Translucent fabrics pleasantly diffuse natural daylight as it enters your home. Sheer fabrics softly filter daylight through an open weave, decorative pattern. You maintain privacy no matter your fabric choice, while your French doors are treated with the utmost style.

Designed for precision operation, our roller blinds are equipped with the Rollease Acmeda hardware system. Rollease Acmeda systems enable you smooth rolling control via flawless chain roll, child safe spring loaded roll, or motorisation. Roller blinds are fuss-free, with low maintenance that will keep your French doors looking sharp for many years.

Roller blinds are a perfect fit for French doors as they can be installed at the top of the door and when drawn open, or rolled up, they have a slimline fit which makes their presence not obvious. This assists in allowing you to maximise the natural light entering your home through the doors and also ensures outside views are not obstructed.

Soft + Hard Roman Blinds

Ornate, pleated folds of raised Roman blinds create a soft layered look adding warmth and delicacy to your French doors.

  • Soft Roman blinds are constructed with 100% Australian made lining for added stability and insulation. Lightweight, UV treated exclusive fibreglass battens provide structure with easy lifting capability. Soft Roman blinds can accommodate any width French doors by achieving layered lifts without twisting, curling, or cupping. You can choose an easy lifting mechanism of smooth rolling chain, heavy-duty chord lock, or motorisation.
  • Hard Roman blinds are designed with crisp, clean fabrics to create a seamlessly tailored finish. Batten design and symmetrically spaced panels ensure zero light leakage through evenly spaced panels. Smooth operation is achieved with an SS38 chain controlled system.

Roman blinds are a great option for French doors due to their more traditional style which suits the classic style of French doors.

Blinds for Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors enable you a broad view of your exterior living space. Patio doors, or sliding doors, are double glass panels installed as one stationary panel and one sliding panel. Patio doors do not protrude from the wall when opened rather, they slide aside to provide access through half of the door's framed space. Space saving, both sliding doors run along a parallel track. Multi-point locks and anti-lift devices keep patio doors secure when closed. Choosing blinds for sliding glass doors is no easy task! You want to optimise your natural light while maintaining privacy.

Vertical Blinds

Versatile and stylish, vertical blinds give you complete control of natural light direction and privacy with the appeal of modern decor. Blackout, translucent, and sunscreen fabrics are available for vertical blinds. Customise your patio door blinds by selecting from 89 mm or 127 mm blade widths. Vertical blinds can be installed inside the door frame or on the architrave bordering the door. Fully stacked, open vertical blinds leave you with an unobstructed view of the patio or garden. The EOS Helix Vertical Track System enhances the efficiency and functionality of your blinds, giving you control with the use of a traversing wand. No more cluttered, hanging chains. With the wand, blinds look sleek and have the utmost child safety.

Panel Blinds

Modern panel blinds are an excellent option to create a relaxed look on patio doors. Mix and match panel and track designs with numerous choices of fabric colours, patterns, and textures and track colours and patterns. Glide panel blinds across your door to control natural light and privacy or stack panels for ultimate viewing. Panels can be installed inside the door frame or outside the door frame and affixed to glide in sequence from right to left or from left to right. You will have ease of operation with use of chord lock or child safe transversing wand. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has an expansive range of panel blinds for sliding doors to choose from.

Contact Dollar Curtains + Blinds today for a free in-home measurement and quote! We guarantee we will have a blind or shade that is the perfect match for your French or sliding doors.



How to Choose Quality Bedroom Curtains for Your Home

- Wednesday, August 14, 2019


Perfect curtains suited for your bedroom can stir a lively ambience to a rather reserved environment. Interior design often presents challenges to homeowners who are unable to zero down on the exact type of curtain that can complement and illuminate their most private living space. With too many factors to weigh in, what ultimately informs the choice of the curtain to install in your bedroom? These valuable tips are essential when shopping for bedroom curtains.

Various types of curtains that are a perfect fit for bedrooms

Depending on the style you prefer, you can find a range of curtain designs that will be a perfect match for your bedroom. Check out this list of common curtains that are specially designed for bedroom spaces:

Blockout curtains

Blockout or blackout curtains, commonly referred too as drapes, are a no brainer for a bedroom. They are excellent for blocking out light and allow for complete night-time privacy when drawn closed. When selecting a high-quality fabric and attaching thermal lining behind, you can also enjoy the added benefits of thermal and sound insulation along with savings on energy bills.

Sheer curtains

These types of transparent or see-through curtains allow a lot of light, and hence, many people may think they are not ideal for a bedroom space given that is where you are looking for more privacy. However sheer curtains are perfect for bedrooms when used in a layered format with block out roller blinds or block out curtains layered behind. This allows you to enjoy the diffused light through airy sheer curtains during the day but also have the benefits of light control and privacy at night time.

Double curtains

Double or dual curtains are one of the most popular choices for bedroom curtains. These curtains combine both a blockout and sheer curtain on the one bedroom. This allows for control of each curtain in a separate action so one curtain can be used during the day and one during the night.

Linen curtain

The warm colour shades found in linen fabric gives out a relaxing feeling. Several styles and colours are available depending on your preference which can be made into the curtain of your choice.

Box pleated curtains

Due to their classy and sophisticated look, pleated curtains should be one of your top choices. When made in a block out fabric or used with a darkening lining, pleated curtains provide both visual and practical benefits to a bedroom.

Swag and tails

These curtains are designed for a more traditional look and are a top treatment layered over curtains similar to a pelmet but with more fabric draping across the top and sides. Swag and tails give a bedroom a opulent and elegant outlook.

Canopy curtains

Like the name suggests, canopy curtains feature hanging drapes that extend around a bed. These can be custom made to suit any size or shape bed and allow for added privacy and light control but more importantly create a beautiful resort style ambience to the space.

How light and privacy concerns in your bedroom influence the choice of curtain

If you desire to let in more light in your room, then go for sheer curtains. Not only are they made of transparent and thin materials to allow a considerable amount of natural light, but they also ventilate the room. As a result, privacy will be sacrificed for a sunlight setting however layering a blockout window covering underneath then controls the light and privacy when required.

Blockout or blackout curtain is a great choice if you yearn for additional privacy and a less lit room. Due to their thick polyester fabric, they effectively restrict ambience noise and external light into a bedroom. Moreover, a blackout curtain features thermal weave fabric designed to insulate a room and keep the temperatures constant.

The lined curtain has similar attributes to blackout curtains as they are good at blocking external light and noise and best for thermal insulation

Factors to consider when selecting the best curtains for your bedroom

When it comes to the choice of a curtain, no size fits all. It all narrows down to the kind of ambience and expected scenery that your room seeks to nurture. Noise, light, privacy, fabric, colour, style, and pattern are just some of the elements that one should consider in a curtain intended for a bedroom.

Finding one that will serve all your needs is hard and opting for custom made curtains is always the best option as purchasing any type of window covering is a long term investment. A dense curtain may have the best thermal and noise-insulating properties. If natural light is a priority, then, a less bulky curtain with a shade of light colours will be a bonus.

Benefits of investing in quality curtains in the bedroom

As a consumer, you need to evaluate the worth of the curtain you intend to buy and identify whether it will add substantial value to the theme of your bedroom. Is it even worth to furnish your bedroom with a modern curtain? Here is what you are poised to gain from donning a blind in your room:

  • Heavy-duty curtains assist in controlling a room's temperature to keep your home warm through winter and cool through summer.
  • You can enjoy enhanced privacy from outdoor interference.
  • Curtains act as a barrier against dust entering the bedroom.
  • They regulate external light within the room.
  • Custom-designed curtains are made to measure to meet your precise needs

Why choose Dollar Curtains and Blinds?

Having perfected the design of curtain and blinds for over 50 years, we are the leader in window coverings craftsmanship. With so many other companies in the market, how do our products set themselves apart from the rest? One example is the unique features and service incorporated in our curtains+ complimentary making range:

  • No charges for the making costs of your curtains
  • Full length curtain samples so you can take them home and hang them up to ensure your selecting the right fabric and colour
  • Fast turnaround in delivering your curtains
  • Finest-quality curtains designed to last
  • Australian Made quality you can trust
  • Free in-home measure and quote

If you are looking for the right curtains and blinds to add a sophisticated touch and glow to your bedroom, then we have got you covered! DC+B's curtains are designed in a wide range of stunning textures, styles, and colours to match any bedroom space. Contact us if you need custom-made blinds and other assorted accessories to complete all rooms throughout your home.



Choosing Affordable Curtains with Complimentary Making

Danielle Crosby - Monday, July 08, 2019


Custom curtains with free making or free make services allow you to have a home decor solution to perfectly frame your windows and show off your unique style. Store bought, readymade, curtains limit your curtain fabric options and styles, but Dollar Curtains + Blinds curtains + complimentary making range allows you to buy curtains that match your style and are made to your exact window size requirements. And with our complimentary making full length curtain samples to borrow, you can plan and design your complete interior look at a fraction of the cost when compared to other options.

Curtain Samples

At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we know homeowners are concerned about the amount of privacy and light control their window curtains allow - in addition to creating a beautiful interior. With our curtains+ range you can borrow full length curtain samples from our stores in your fabric choice, take them home and hang them up to try. As purchasing window coverings is a long term investment we value you making the right decision. Colours can vary in different lights so with our curtain samples you can be sure to see how it looks in your home, during the day and in the evening.

Complimentary Curtain Making Services

After you borrow a curtain sample and make a style decision, we don't charge you for the making costs of your full length curtains. Simply choose from our wide range of fabrics that include the most popular colours and patterns for all interior styles from Australia's leading fabric suppliers. Our fabrics are quality brands and we lead the market in competitive pricing. And if you need your new curtains in a hurry, we provide priority services through our curtains+ range.

A Range of Quality Curtain Fabric

Unlike off-the-shelf curtain selections, Dollar Curtains + Blinds allow you to choose from a wide range of both traditional plain, drapery fabrics with a textured surface or stylish prints or woven patterns that deliver a fresh, one-of-a-kind decorating style. Top off your new window coverings with a great selection of high-quality, transparent fabrics in sheer curtains that can be layered behind your blockout curtains to diffuse light and open your home to the great outdoors without sacrificing privacy.

Another benefit of our borrow before you buy services account for the fact that many homeowners say curtain colours or patterns may look different once placed in the home. In-store lighting and online images really don't do fabric curtains justice - and a pattern you thought would be perfect, may actually clash with other patterned decor. Our goal is to provide a wide range of quality curtain fabrics at a great price, and with free curtain making services - so you are fully satisfied with your new window treatments.

Easy and Simple Curtains Online

Finally, we make buying curtains online, easy and simple. Just visit us online to find all the product information you need before organising your free in-home measure and quote, where we make it easy by coming to you. We even stock coated curtain fabrics to blockout sunlight and create a high level of privacy and curtains for winter insulation to lower your heating bills.

If you desire to add years to the life of your curtains, consider adding a lined backing that also traps cold air and provides another layer of insulation for cold winter months. We make it simple for homeowners who desire to add an illusion of height into a room. Consider installing floor to ceiling curtains to accomplish this interior design trick and add a creative air to your decor.

Simply contact us to begin your journey to affordable and stylish curtains with free making services through our curtains+ complimentary making range.


5 Important things You Should Know About Sheer Curtains

Danielle Crosby - Wednesday, June 05, 2019


Sheer curtains, also known as sheers are lightweight fabrics that cover over your windows, soften your home's lighting, and add an instant infusion of style into your interior decor. Sheer curtains give you a measure of privacy, but are also well-matched for a layered window treatment.

You may wonder about the different types of sheer curtains, or how to hang sheer curtains. Since window coverings are a significant investment, it's good to know some basic information about the uses and benefits of sheer curtains. The following 5 points will help you understand more about these stylish window coverings.

1. They Perfectly Diffuse Window Sunlight

Sheer curtains are made from transparent, lightweight material that acts as a wonderful light filter. That means that sheers still allow sunlight to enter into your room, but their fabric acts as a light diffuser, which softens the natural light.

There are two benefits that come from this:

  • The sheers can help to hide unsightly views
  • They can also provide a measure of protection for your home's furniture, fixtures, and flooring by shielding them from the full force of direct sunlight

2. They Add Daytime Privacy to Your Room(s)

One nice feature of sheer curtains is the additional privacy they afford. While they don't shut out daylight from your residence, they do add a layer of insulation from outside observation. In a layered window solution, use of sheers will provide you with more options on your desired level of privacy at any given time.

3. They Provide Softness, Texture, and Movement

Sheer curtains are wonderful transition pieces between indoor and outdoor living spaces. They can enhance a room's ambience through the softening of incoming light, the framing of your windows, and the creating of an impression that your rooms have more height. When windows are open and a gentle breeze is blowing through, the movement of the sheers can also provide a nice stylistic touch.

4. They Often Come in Waves

One popular type of sheer curtain is wave fold sheer curtains, also known as s fold sheer curtains or ripple fold sheer curtains. These sheers use a special track and tape heading that gives the impression of a smooth, continuous wave from one end of the window to the other. In contrast to a flat look, the wave fold provides texture and "pop" to a room. It is easy to operate, can create the illusion of size, and has a slim track that can fit in narrow spaces between the window and ceiling.

5. They Work Well with Layers

Using sheer curtains in combination with block out curtains, block out roller blinds or roman blinds is a wonderful way to allow for a high level of control over lighting and privacy levels. For instance, this layered solution allows for total nighttime privacy that can easily switch to letting sunlight in through transparent sheers during the day. Moreover, the extra layer of curtains increases the insulation benefits.

You can use block out roller blinds, roman blinds or block out curtains or lining behind sheers to obtain this layered and functional look.

Whether you decide to use sheer curtains on undercover outdoor patio areas, or as screens or bed canopies, there are wonderful stylistic and practical benefits that come along with them. However, maybe you are wondering exactly what the best way to use them in your home would be. If so, reach out to us at Dollar Curtains + Blinds for a completely free, in-home measure and quote. Our interior consultants can help you make window treatment decisions that you'll be happy with for years to come.

If you'd like to learn more about the services we offer, and how we can help you with all of your window treatment needs, reach out to us today at Dollar Curtains + Blinds.

Complete Guide to Roller Blinds

Danielle Crosby - Wednesday, May 15, 2019


Do you find yourself opening and closing heavy curtains throughout the day, to try and get an appropriate amount of light? Do you wake earlier than necessary because sunlight is streaming in through your sheer bedroom window coverings? Are you concerned about the effect the sun's rays having in fading your furnishings and overheating your home, leading to increased air conditioning costs? 

If you're struggling with your current window coverings, or you want to cover new windows with easy-to-operate shades that come in a variety of fabrics to allow in just the perfect amount of light as well as match your home's decor, then roller blinds may be your ideal solution. These thin shades are available in options that block out light or allow you access to light and views from your windows. Or, you can choose two layers of fabric that accomplish multiple goals for letting natural light into your living areas.

What is the Difference Between Single and Double Roller Blinds?

As their names suggest, single roller blinds utilise one layer of fabric, while double roller blinds use two independent layers and can be more versatile. Typically, a double roller blind is used to incorporate both a blackout shade and a more translucent shade that lets some light in. 

With a double roller blind, you can raise one layer and close the other to allow the amount of light you desire. Perfect for day and night use, double roller blinds maintain a slim profile while giving you maximum flexibility. Other uses for double roller blinds include using different patterns or colors to match the look of your room.

What Are the Benefits of Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are easy to raise and lower, as well as extremely versatile for nearly any room. The use of double roller blinds enables you to choose multiple functions or looks for your window coverings.

Blockout Roller Blinds

Blockout or blackout shades eliminate almost all incoming light. Darkening your room on demand can help improve your sleep, especially if your schedule is untraditional. Blockout blinds are also an excellent choice where you need more privacy.

An additional benefit of blockout blinds is that they can add insulation and block out harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, keeping your room warmer in cold weather and cooler in the hotter months. This helps you save on energy costs. Blocking UV rays can also prevent your furnishings from fading.

Some types of blockout fabrics can be bonded to a more attractive or textured material to give you all the benefits of reduced light and great privacy as well as a look that matches your interior decor.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Keep some light and retain your views with filtered sunscreen fabric in your roller blinds. Sunscreen blinds can also permit you some privacy without eliminating all light, like a blockout shade will do.

Sunscreen blinds are an excellent solution to letting in some light but still providing some insulation and blocking between 80 and 97 percent of UV rays. In addition, some types of sunscreen fabric are treated with antimicrobials to prevent growth of unwanted molds or mildews in damp locations.

Translucent Roller Blinds

Retain some privacy while letting in plenty of daytime light with translucent blinds. Translucent fabrics are a good balance of complete blockout blinds and using a sheer fabric. You can also choose from a huge variety of fabric textures and colors that lend a beautiful look to your room while providing sufficient light.

Sheer Roller Blinds

Don't miss out on the views from your window with sheer roller blinds. These sheer fabrics let in plenty of natural light filtered through decorative or textured materials that give a softer and more decorative look to your room. While sheer blinds don't provide absolute privacy, they do give you some protection against curious passersby. +

No matter which type of roller blinds you choose, you can combine the look you want with the functionality you need for your specific environment.

What Fabrics Can Roller Blinds Be Made of?

You'll enjoy your roller blinds most when you can customize them with the fabrics that both perform and look great with your décor. Most blinds are available in a variety of colour and pattern options. Patterns can most noticeably work to give your room an added dimension; for example, you can use vertical stripes to make a room look higher. You can even choose textured materials that incorporate contrasting fibres to give a subtle boost to your decorating scheme. Coordinate roller blinds on different windows or in different rooms to all work with the overall look of your home. In addition to appearance, you'll want to consider fabrics that will add functionality to your window coverings. Do you want a translucent look that lets in plenty of light with a bit of privacy? Or are you seeking to block light or darken a room? Some fabrics provide extensive UV protection to protect your furnishings from fading. With double roller blinds, you can even choose two functions in the same window space.

Once you've selected blind fabrics that coordinate with your home and work to filter light as you wish, make sure that they also will stand up to the climate in your area and last for many years. Blinds will be most durable when they are:

  • Fire retardant and non flammable
  • Resistant to dust, mould and bacteria growth
  • Resistant to staining and easy to clean
  • Resistant to fading due to UV rays

High-quality roller blinds will be available in a range of fabrics that give you the ultimate flexibility in how you want your window coverings to look, perform and last. Dollar Curtains + Blinds offers a huge selection of trendy and classic blind fabrics that are of the highest quality to last in challenging Australian climates. Because we buy in bulk, we get the best prices that we pass on to our customers, letting you get a great value on quality materials. Many of our material options are made exclusively in Australia.

How Are Roller Blinds Measured?

Before you determine the size of roller blind you need, decide whether you want an inside mount -- on the interior of the window frame, called a recess fit -- or an outside mount that fits over the window frame, called an arc fit. Your decision will be based on how you want the window covering to look and whether you need the functionality of a blackout shade. The latter is best mounted on the outside to fully cover the window and prevent light from entering the room.

But even after you've determined where you'll need to measure, you may still be worried about making a mistake. Dollar Curtains + Blinds provides a measurement service staffed by expert installers so you don't need to make vital measurements yourself. Avoid errors and have a professional make sure that your blinds fit perfectly.

Where Can Roller Blinds Be Installed?

Roller blinds are slim enough to be installed on nearly any window. Install the fittings on the window frame or inside the window frame depending on your needs. Most people with the aim of blocking out light and increasing privacy choose an outside recess -- what we call the arc fit. An added benefit to an outside recess installation is that the rolled-up blind permits the most natural light to enter.

In other cases, you may decide to install two blinds using an inside recess. Because an inside recess fit does leave a light gap, it may not be the optimum choice for blockout shades.

What Brackets Are Used?

All brackets are not alike. To get the most out of your roller blinds, you must have the right brackets that hold your blinds securely, reduce gaps that let in unfiltered light and blend in with the window frame as much as possible.

At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, making sure you have the right brackets is just as important as helping you select the right fabrics and functionality for your roller blinds. Our double brackets use a slim profile that doesn't stick out from the window or let in unwanted light. The brackets incorporate chain winder guides that keep chains from interfering with blind operation.

Attractive pelmets are the finishing touch; these concealing covers go over the bracket to make your windows look nice. Pelmets can also assist with insulation as they can help trap air that enters through the top of your window. Coordinate your pelmets with the fabrics used in your blinds, and choose either a bonded pelmet for a sleeker appearance or a padded pelmet for a softer look.

What Types of Controls Are Available?

Raising and lowering your roller blinds is easier when you've selected the best option for controls.

Spring Operated

Roller blinds with an easy-to-lift snap lock spring system will raise and lower with a small tug on the base of the blind. Positional bearings make manual operation quiet and smooth. With no cord to tangle or get in your way, spring operated blinds may be the best choice for a home with small children or pets.

Chain Operated

Pre-looped, stainless steel chains allow ease in operating your roller blinds. A chain works well for especially large or heavy blinds. Don't like stainless? Plastic options are available and can also be customized for length, which also makes them safer for use with children and pets. Thin chain modules reduce gaps that can let light through. As well, many chains are available without unsightly joiners.


For blinds that are located on harder-to-reach windows or for use with home automation systems, motorised rollers let you raise and lower your shades via the touch of a button (or a smartphone). You don't need any chains, so the overall appearance is sleeker and safer for children and animals. Plus, motorised options are best for larger or heavier blinds.

No matter which control you choose, Dollar Curtains + Blinds' options are safe for use around young children and pets. They can be customised to meet your family's needs.

What Types of Other Design Options are Possible?

You can further customise your roller blinds by choosing special finishes and fittings. The bottom of your blind can be fit with a bottom rail that fits into a stitched pocket, or you can elect to have a scallop or fringe at the bottom of the blind fabric. You can even create a special bonded insert in a coordinating fabric at the bottom of each blind panel. With spring operated blinds, or for a unique look, you can also add metal ring pulls or tassels.

Base rails are often added to provide a bit of extra weight that keeps the blind from moving as much during a breeze. These aluminum base rails can be oval or D-shaped or wrapped in fabric depending on your preference

Cassettes and side channels can be added to any blind to help conceal hardware and brackets or to close any light gaps. These are especially nice in bedrooms, children's rooms or on other windows where you want to minimize light, such as in a home theater.

How Do You Choose the Best Roller Blinds?

The key to getting window coverings that will last in Australia's climate and perform as you expect is to invest in high-quality blinds. At Dollar Curtains + Blinds, we've invested many years in researching and making available the best fabrics, mounting hardware and other options to provide functionality and a well-designed finish. To learn more about the available fabrics, finishes and controls for our roller blinds, see our online roller blinds brochure.

When you purchase through us, your roller blinds will be durable, coordinated to your decor and easy to operate no matter where your window is located. We offer the most innovative roller blind systems on the market with the widest variety of available fabrics to meet all your requirements. We offer a 3-year warranty on our blinds to guarantee that they'll last. Contact us today to learn more about our single and double roller blinds and how they can be perfectly customised to your home or business.

What Are Plantation Shutters? Here's What You Need to Know

Danielle Crosby - Tuesday, April 02, 2019


In 2017 to 2018, residential electricity bills in Australia averaged $1,522 with tax. Victoria is averaging at $1,602.32 this 2019.

Regardless of where you live though, electricity rates continue to rise, so much so it's now "the new normal." That doesn't mean you should just endure it. Something as simple as installing window plantation shutters can bring your bills down.

But what are plantation shutters exactly? How can they help cut energy consumption at home? All these and more we'll answer in this post, so be sure to keep reading!

What Are Plantation Shutters?

Also often called plantation blinds, plantation shutters are popular window treatments. They got their name from the grand houses built on South America's cotton plantations.

The main distinguishing characteristic of plantation shutters is their wide louvres. A louvre is a form of construction involving a horizontal arrangement of materials.

In plantation shutters, these materials are often blades or slats of wood, glass, or metal. Each blade or slat varies in width depending on the blade size you choose.

Before, people installed plantation shutter blinds outside their windows (external shutters). But today, you can install these as inside window shutters (internal shutters). They can also either be movable (adjustable) or fixed window treatments.

The Primary Use of Plantation Shutters

The louvred construction of plantation shutters helps with light control and ventilation. Their openings allow some sunlight to get in while letting air move in and out of the building. This also aids in keeping indoor moisture at optimal levels.

Movable plantation shutters provide even greater light control and ventilation. You can adjust the openings of the panel depending on how much light or air you want to let into your home. You can even pair them up with stylish and energy-efficient curtains!

Increasing Comfort while Reducing Energy Consumption

Did you know that you can lose up to 40% of your heating energy through your windows? That up to 87% of heat inside your home comes from outside, through your windows?

Now, consider that heating and cooling make up 20% to 50% of energy bills in Australian homes. That's a lot of energy lost and wasted.

Plantation shutters can help keep that heat inside or outside, as needed. How much depends on the thickness of the shutters themselves. But rest assure that quality plantation blinds help lessen these heat loss and gains.

In summer, these window treatments act as a barrier so that heat outside won't get into your home. Their openings still let some amount of air move in and out for proper ventilation.

During the winter season, plantation shutters help keep cold air out. Adjust their panels so you can take advantage of the sun's light and heat.

Increased Privacy without Compromising Beauty

Internal and external plantation shutters cover most of a window's surface area. That makes them a great choice for boosting window privacy.

At the same time, their large louvres give them an elegant, sophisticated look. That's why they're great for living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. This also makes them a perfect choice on windows that the front of your house as the louvres look beautiful to transform a home’s facade.

Plus, they're available in various stains and finishes, from white to darker neutrals. This makes it easy to work in traditional or modern home designs.

Upgrade Your Windows with Plantation Shutters Now

Now that you know what are plantation shutters, consider investing in them ASAP. Especially with the rising costs of electricity and the harsher weathers, we're experiencing. With these window covers, you can beautify your home and make it even more comfortable.

Ready to transform your windows? Then please feel free to request a free measure and quote from us! We can help you get started with your window and home improvement project.

Venetian Blinds vs. Roller Blinds: Which Is Better?

Danielle Crosby - Wednesday, March 27, 2019


Are you blinded by the light?

Well, you may need to buy some blinds. No one ever said buying blinds was the most exciting purchase you'll make, but having high-quality curtains and blinds is a real game changer.

Deciding between Venetian blinds and roller blinds can be difficult, trust us. There are many factors to take into consideration; cost, cleaning, privacy, everything matters. Both have their perks and their deficiencies.

Let us give you some information that might help make this decision a little easier. Here's our rundown of Venetians blind and roller blinds.

Let's Talk Light

Let's get right to the nitty-gritty. How much or little light do you want coming through the blind?

If you want to control the amount of light coming in through your windows throughout the day, Venetian blinds will allow you to do so. You can adjust the amount of light by opening and closing the slats. Rays of light may still slip through the cracks, however.

If you are an all-or-nothing kind of person, then you'd choose roller blinds. With these, you can shut the light out completely during the day and night, if you choose. Or, you can leave them wide open and let the whole world into your room.

It's worth noting that you should consider your privacy when having the "light" conversation. Both blind options will offer complete privacy, but with Venetians, you can be semi-private and still get some light into your room.

Let's Talk Decor

Which of the blind options is better for decor? Both can be lovely. It depends on what you're going for in the room.

Venetian blinds bring a certain amount of decadence to your room. They're a more classic style of blind and there are some gorgeous models that will enhance any room.

Roller blinds, on the other hand, come in many different patterns. They can even become the focal point of your room, depending on the pattern you've chosen. You can make a much stronger statement with roller blinds.


Aside from the amount of light that you want to let into your room, Venetian and roller blinds each have a unique "user experience".

Venetian blinds are a bit bulkier than roller blinds, so you need to consider space. While you can order both for any window size, roller blinds tend to be tighter fitting, taking up less space, than Venetians as well.

Roller blinds are the perfect option if you don’t want your window views obstructed. You can roll them up and have a no obstruction to your outside views which makes them very practical.

Both types can be easily cleaned. With Venetians, you'll have to dust every slat, which can be more time-consuming. Rollers consist of fabric so they will have a different cleaning process altogether.

If you give your blinds the proper care, both Venetian and roller blinds will last a long time.

Venetian Blinds or Roller Blinds?

As we've laid out in this article, there is no right answer to this question. Both are a great choice. In fact, why choose?

Get a set of Venetian blinds for your kitchen and a set of roller blinds for your living room. Having the best of both worlds is possible in this scenario.

Whatever you decide to do, you should feel lucky to be getting some great new blinds.

To shop for your new blinds, check out our products page.

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