How to Choose Quality Bedroom Curtains for Your Home

Reethu Nookala - Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Perfect curtains suited for your bedroom can stir a lively ambience to a rather reserved environment. Interior design often presents challenges to homeowners who are unable to zero down on the exact type of curtain that can complement and illuminate their most private living space. With too many factors to weigh in, what ultimately informs the choice of the curtain to install in your bedroom? These valuable tips are essential when shopping for bedroom curtains.

Various types of curtains that are a perfect fit for bedrooms

Depending on the style you prefer, you can find a range of curtain designs that will be a perfect match for your bedroom. Check out this list of common curtains that are specially designed for bedroom spaces:

Blockout curtains

Blockout or blackout curtains, commonly referred too as drapes, are a no brainer for a bedroom. They are excellent for blocking out light and allow for complete night-time privacy when drawn closed. When selecting a high-quality fabric and attaching thermal lining behind, you can also enjoy the added benefits of thermal and sound insulation along with savings on energy bills.

Sheer curtains

These types of transparent or see-through curtains allow a lot of light, and hence, many people may think they are not ideal for a bedroom space given that is where you are looking for more privacy. However sheer curtains are perfect for bedrooms when used in a layered format with block out roller blinds or block out curtains layered behind. This allows you to enjoy the diffused light through airy sheer curtains during the day but also have the benefits of light control and privacy at night time.

Double curtains

Double or dual curtains are one of the most popular choices for bedroom curtains. These curtains combine both a blockout and sheer curtain on the one bedroom. This allows for control of each curtain in a separate action so one curtain can be used during the day and one during the night.

Linen curtain

The warm colour shades found in linen fabric gives out a relaxing feeling. Several styles and colours are available depending on your preference which can be made into the curtain of your choice.

Box pleated curtains

Due to their classy and sophisticated look, pleated curtains should be one of your top choices. When made in a block out fabric or used with a darkening lining, pleated curtains provide both visual and practical benefits to a bedroom.

Swag and tails

These curtains are designed for a more traditional look and are a top treatment layered over curtains similar to a pelmet but with more fabric draping across the top and sides. Swag and tails give a bedroom a opulent and elegant outlook.

Canopy curtains

Like the name suggests, canopy curtains feature hanging drapes that extend around a bed. These can be custom made to suit any size or shape bed and allow for added privacy and light control but more importantly create a beautiful resort style ambience to the space.

How light and privacy concerns in your bedroom influence the choice of curtain

If you desire to let in more light in your room, then go for sheer curtains. Not only are they made of transparent and thin materials to allow a considerable amount of natural light, but they also ventilate the room. As a result, privacy will be sacrificed for a sunlight setting however layering a blockout window covering underneath then controls the light and privacy when required.

Blockout or blackout curtain is a great choice if you yearn for additional privacy and a less lit room. Due to their thick polyester fabric, they effectively restrict ambience noise and external light into a bedroom. Moreover, a blackout curtain features thermal weave fabric designed to insulate a room and keep the temperatures constant.

The lined curtain has similar attributes to blackout curtains as they are good at blocking external light and noise and best for thermal insulation

Factors to consider when selecting the best curtains for your bedroom

When it comes to the choice of a curtain, no size fits all. It all narrows down to the kind of ambience and expected scenery that your room seeks to nurture. Noise, light, privacy, fabric, colour, style, and pattern are just some of the elements that one should consider in a curtain intended for a bedroom.

Finding one that will serve all your needs is hard and opting for custom made curtains is always the best option as purchasing any type of window covering is a long term investment. A dense curtain may have the best thermal and noise-insulating properties. If natural light is a priority, then, a less bulky curtain with a shade of light colours will be a bonus.

Benefits of investing in quality curtains in the bedroom

As a consumer, you need to evaluate the worth of the curtain you intend to buy and identify whether it will add substantial value to the theme of your bedroom. Is it even worth to furnish your bedroom with a modern curtain? Here is what you are poised to gain from donning a blind in your room:

  • Heavy-duty curtains assist in controlling a room's temperature to keep your home warm through winter and cool through summer.
  • You can enjoy enhanced privacy from outdoor interference.
  • Curtains act as a barrier against dust entering the bedroom.
  • They regulate external light within the room.
  • Custom-designed curtains are made to measure to meet your precise needs

Why choose Dollar Curtains and Blinds?

Having perfected the design of curtain and blinds for over 50 years, we are the leader in window coverings craftsmanship. With so many other companies in the market, how do our products set themselves apart from the rest? One example is the unique features and service incorporated in our curtains+ complimentary making range:

  • No charges for the making costs of your curtains
  • Full length curtain samples so you can take them home and hang them up to ensure your selecting the right fabric and colour
  • Fast turnaround in delivering your curtains
  • Finest-quality curtains designed to last
  • Australian Made quality you can trust
  • Free in-home measure and quote

If you are looking for the right curtains and blinds to add a sophisticated touch and glow to your bedroom, then we have got you covered! DC+B's curtains are designed in a wide range of stunning textures, styles, and colours to match any bedroom space. Contact us if you need custom-made blinds and other assorted accessories to complete all rooms throughout your home.



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