What are Wave Fold, Ripple Fold or S Fold Curtains?

Danielle Crosby - Wednesday, October 31, 2018


There's a trend in curtains right now that leans toward the simple, yet elegant look. The curtain of choice looks to be the wave fold. Also known as ripple fold or S fold curtains, they provide a very contemporary look without being too outrageous or flashy.

Curious? We'll cover a little bit about what these curtains are and how they work, then dig into where they fit and how you should use them.

What are S Fold Curtains?

S fold curtains are unique in the sense that they open and close smoothly. As the name implies, the curtains look just like a wave or long "S" pattern that continues as long as the length of the window it's covering.

This soft flowing wave effect allows the fabric to drape beautifully and the overall look creates a very contemporary and on-trend finish. Wall to wall and ceiling to floor s fold curtains can truly transform a space, adding softness to a room with the fabrics movement and texture.

The track that the curtain uses is slim, meaning that it can fit into small spaces between windows and the ceiling. This is what makes the S fold so great for taller windows or any window that is situated without much space for a curtain rod.

Additionally, if your windows are generally small, S folds can help you create the illusion of size. Hanging your curtain rod closer to the ceiling and letting the curtain drape down past the window will give the impression that your windows are larger than they are.

Things to Consider

There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you're choosing your S fold curtains. The first thing is the fabric.

Try to find a fabric that's light, airy, and soft. Stiff fabrics can be clunky and take up a lot more space. A softer material, however, will fold up nicely and hang beautifully.

Beyond that, you have the freedom to choose any fabric, design, or placement that you want. These curtains are timeless and go will with modern interiors just as well as traditional ones, so there's nothing holding you back.

Need More Advice?

Curtains are a huge element in the feel of any room. S fold curtains or otherwise, we have the knowledge and information needed to help you make your next decision.

There's no harm in getting a little advice about how to make your home as beautiful as possible. See what we have to offer.

What are the Advantages of Double Roller Blinds or Day & Night Blind

Danielle Crosby - Monday, October 15, 2018


When you're looking to make some home upgrades, it's crucial that you put thought into each purchase.

There's a lot to be gained even when you purchase something as simple as a set of blinds. Double roller blinds, also called Day/Night blinds, provide a lot of value for your household.

If you'd like to learn more about these window coverings and how they can help you out, read on.

Double Roller Blinds Let You Control Your Home Lighting

Double roller blinds are your best option when you'd like to control light. They have two different options so that you can make your room dark or let in varying degrees of light.

When you switch to the blockout blinds, you're able to get excellent privacy and darkness in your room. As a result, you'll also optimize your sleep cycles, so you can wake up each day with more vitality and energy.

Your body produces melatonin at night, so light seeping into your room in the morning could diminish the quality of sleep you receive. Switching to these blinds can help your body produce more melatonin, which will not only make your brain work better, but also help with everything from depression to heartburn.

At the same time, who wants their room to be dark all the time? By switching to the other sunscreen or sheer rollers, you can let in more sunlight so that you have more visibility and don't have to keep your lights on all the time. At the same time, the sunscreen or sheer roller blinds provide daytime privacy and filter or soften the light.

These Blinds are Excellent For Room Decoration

Installing these blinds will help you out when you want to decorate as well.

They'll add warmth to your home, there are a variety of colour and style options that you can choose between. Dollar Curtains + Blinds Interior Consultants will also help you to customize your blinds so that they suit any decorative setup that you are going for.

Our highly qualified team will easily install them, so you don't have to worry about a complex setup or DIY and making mistakes.

You'll Make Your Home Cost-Effective and Eco-Friendly

The true benefit of these blinds is that they're great at preserving home energy.

By controlling your lighting and temperatures in your home, you'll be better able to give your lights and air conditioner a break. As a result, you'll see that your energy bills start to plummet, letting you keep more money in your pocket.

Our extensive and exclusive range of fabrics is available for you to choose from which include Block Out, Sunscreen, Translucent or Sheer fabrics. Fabrics are designed to withstand Australia’s harsh climate and are available as non-flammable and fade bacteria and mold resistant.

Find the Help of a Window Covering Pro

When you're ready to shop for double roller blinds, look no further than Dollar Curtains + Blinds. We have the best product range that you'll find and can happily help you with whatever purchase you're looking to make.

If you're ready to learn more about these blinds and how to order, stop by one of our stores and speak to our consultants today!

The Best Window Privacy Options and Treatments

Danielle Crosby - Monday, October 15, 2018


Big, bright windows are a major selling point for all homes. Once you move in, those beautiful windows can run up your utility bills and leave you wanting for privacy.

Window treatments are a great way to protect your privacy and save energy. The best window privacy options reflect your style and allow natural light in.

Not sure what window treatments will work for you? Don't worry, we've got you covered. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has all the window privacy options to suit your tastes and needs.

Read on for a list of options that will work well for your home.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are made of panels of fabric that cover the width and length of your windows. They are ideal for people with specific tastes because they are highly customisable.

Choose from sheer or opaque fabrics, all of which are able to maintain their original quality after exposure to the bright Australian sun. Roller blinds can be opened and closed through chain control, spring-loaded operation, or motorisation.

If you're looking for versatility and easy customisation, these blinds will work for you.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are traditionally an opaque window covering made from blockout fabrics. They are designed to be raised to let light in during the day and lowered at night to protect your privacy.

Roman blinds have beautiful fabric folds when drawn open and create a more decorative look. Depending on the fabric you choose, roman blinds can have a modern or traditional appearance.

Venetian blinds are the most traditional of all the window treatments. This is a window treatment to go for when you're working with a tight budget.

Venetian blinds consist of slatted blinds that can be opened or closed through the use of a cord. They can be the sole window treatment, or complemented with the use of curtain panels.

Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtains allow light in during the day while allowing for daytime privacy. They also allow you to look out and take in surrounding views. These curtains are made of very sheer fabric that is opened or closed through a pulley system that pinches or pleats the fabric together. This sheer fabric acts to diffuse and soften the natural light.

Sheer curtains are great for adding height to rooms with low ceilings, and for softening up the look of bare walls and windows. They are ideal to layer with blockout curtains or blinds so you can achieve day and night time privacy as well as light control at night time with the blockout fabric.

Interior Plantation Shutters

There are many different types of shutters available for the interior of your home, but plantation shutters are one of the best. These shutters are hinged to the window and consist of slatted blinds inside a frame.

Plantation shutters are super versatile. You can open the blinds within the shutters, or pull or fold the shutters away from the window to allow lots of light to come in. Close them at night for privacy.

Use Any of These Window Privacy Options

Protecting the privacy of your home doesn't mean you have to sacrifice natural light and style. Window privacy options make the most of natural light, style, and privacy so you'll have a home that is both beautiful and secure.

They also have the added benefit of energy savings during those sweltering Australian summers. Want to learn more about window privacy options that are perfect for your home? Contact us today for your free in-home measure and quote.

Everything You Need to Know About Alfresco Awnings

Danielle Crosby - Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Outdoor living in Australia is a serious business. Half of all Aussies use their outdoor spaces for entertaining. The bulk of outdoor renovations are focused on making decks and verandahs more hospitable for relaxation.

At the same time, protection from the sun is vital in Australia, as the sun shines year-round. As lovely as that sounds, sometimes you need to take cover.

Would your backyard be more usable with extra shade? Consider alfresco awnings for an attractive, versatile solution. Here's everything you need to know.

Expanded Living Area

Whether you entertain regularly or need a place for your kids to play, everyone can use some extra square footage. The addition of awnings can transform your backyard from an underused plot of grass into a shady oasis. Plus, they keep your decking cool, so you can go out in your bare feet.

Awnings are available in a variety of fabrics and applications. Straight drop awnings boast sophisticated utility. Pivot arm awnings let in the breeze while reducing the sun's glare.

You can install awnings on every open side of your patio, fully enclosing the space. It's like adding an entire room to your house and can actually increase your home's value.

Set up a bar and host a cocktail hour. Drink your morning tea outside, even when it's raining. Toast some marshmallows over an evening fire and keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Patio awnings give you options for enhancing your lifestyle, whatever it may be.

Added Protection

Not only do awnings provide more room to spread out, but they also provide another layer of protection to your home. Alfresco awnings are made out of weatherproof materials that can withstand harsh climates with wind and rain.

You don't have to sacrifice ventilation for UV protection. Awnings will extend the life of your patio furniture while allowing you to enjoy an afternoon breeze. When installed over interior windows, they can also protect indoor furnishings from UV fading.

If you live close to the ocean, awnings have an added benefit. They keep salt from accumulating on your furniture and causing rust or discolouration.

Energy Savings

Backyard awnings save you money! They can reduce cooling costs, sometimes by up to 60%.

Keeping the sun from blazing through your windows keeps your house from heating up. As the sun's rays are tempered and conditions inside your house stay more consistent, you reduce your use of fans and air con.

In the winter, when you want the extra warmth, simply raise your awnings and let the sunshine in.

Are Alfresco Awnings Right for You?

If you want to get the most out of your outdoor living spaces, alfresco awnings are the right choice. With the added comfort and control on your deck or patio, you'll find excuses to stay outside longer every day. Get some fresh air, no matter the weather.

For more ways to customise your terrace, deck, patio or outdoor room, check out our outdoor solutions. We've got everything from blinds to canopies to folding arm awnings.

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