Choosing the best blinds for sliding glass doors or French doors.

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The entryways to our homes each have unique appeal. Sliding glass doors and French doors add aesthetic value and functionality to our exterior and interior living spaces. When you choose the best blinds for your sliding glass doors or French doors, you do not want to cover the intrinsic beauty of the door. dollar curtains + blinds has the best option for every style and function for your door treatments.


Elegant French doors are a focal point in your home, for an accentuated exterior view and a remarkable interior aesthetic appeal. The timeless design of hinged and framed, glass panel double doors combines function with style. French doors each swing open, typically projecting outwards, to provide unobstructed access to your exterior living space. When closed, French doors are secured with cover splines where the double doors adjoin, weather stripping, and multi-point locks. Choosing the best blinds for your French doors is no easy task! You want to highlight French doors, not simply cover them.


Roller blinds are sleek, adorning your classic French door with a modern twist. Customised roller blinds are available with a variety of fabric features. Choose block out fabric for room darkening when roller blinds are down. Sunscreen protection fabric will provide 80% to 97% UV protection to your home’s interior when blinds are drawn. If you prefer light diffusion through closed blinds, choose a translucent or sheer fabric. Translucent fabrics pleasantly diffuse natural daylight as it enters your home. Sheer fabrics softly filter daylight through an open weave, decorative pattern. You maintain privacy no matter your fabric choice, while your French doors are treated with the utmost style.

Designed for precision operation, our roller blinds are equipped with the Rollease Acmeda hardware system. Rollease Acmeda systems enable you smooth rolling control via flawless chain roll, child safe spring loaded roll, or motorisation. Roller blinds are fuss-free, with low maintenance that will keep your French doors looking sharp for many years.

Roller blinds are a perfect fit for French doors as they can be installed at the top of the door and when drawn open, or rolled up, they have a slimline fit which makes their presence not obvious. This assists in allowing you to maximise the natural light entering your home through the doors and also ensures outside views are not obstructed.


Ornate, pleated folds of raised Roman blinds create a soft layered look adding warmth and delicacy to your French doors.

  • Soft Roman blinds are constructed with 100% Australian made lining for added stability and insulation. Lightweight, UV treated exclusive fibreglass battens provide structure with easy lifting capability. Soft Roman blinds can accommodate any width French doors by achieving layered lifts without twisting, curling, or cupping. You can choose an easy lifting mechanism of smooth rolling chain, heavy-duty chord lock, or motorisation.
  • Hard Roman blinds are designed with crisp, clean fabrics to create a seamlessly tailored finish. Batten design and symmetrically spaced panels ensure zero light leakage through evenly spaced panels. Smooth operation is achieved with an SS38 chain controlled system.

Roman blinds are a great option for French doors due to their more traditional style which suits the classic style of French doors.


Sliding glass doors enable you a broad view of your exterior living space. Patio doors, or sliding doors, are double glass panels installed as one stationary panel and one sliding panel. Patio doors do not protrude from the wall when opened rather, they slide aside to provide access through half of the door’s framed space. Space saving, both sliding doors run along a parallel track. Multi-point locks and anti-lift devices keep patio doors secure when closed. Choosing blinds for sliding glass doors is no easy task! You want to optimise your natural light while maintaining privacy.


Versatile and stylish, vertical blinds give you complete control of natural light direction and privacy with the appeal of modern decor. Blackout, translucent, and sunscreen fabrics are available for vertical blinds. Customise your patio door blinds by selecting from 89 mm or 127 mm blade widths. Vertical blinds can be installed inside the door frame or on the architrave bordering the door. Fully stacked, open vertical blinds leave you with an unobstructed view of the patio or garden. The EOS Helix Vertical Track System enhances the efficiency and functionality of your blinds, giving you control with the use of a traversing wand. No more cluttered, hanging chains. With the wand, blinds look sleek and have the utmost child safety.


Modern panel blinds are an excellent option to create a relaxed look on patio doors. Mix and match panel and track designs with numerous choices of fabric colours, patterns, and textures and track colours and patterns. Glide panel blinds across your door to control natural light and privacy or stack panels for ultimate viewing. Panels can be installed inside the door frame or outside the door frame and affixed to glide in sequence from right to left or from left to right. You will have ease of operation with use of chord lock or child safe transversing wand. Dollar Curtains + Blinds has an expansive range of panel blinds for sliding doors to choose from.

Contact Dollar Curtains + Blinds today for a free in-home measurement and quote! We guarantee we will have a blind or shade that is the perfect match for your French or sliding doors.

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